A Campaign to Support MassArt Students

Graphic design & advocacy strategy.

Social media campaign, posters, and "ask" handouts designed to increase MassArt's visibility at the 2015 Public Higher Education Advocacy Day at the Massachusetts Statehouse.

Eventworks Festival Catalog 2014-2015


Eventworks Festival, A Tradition since '77

Graphic design, digital photography, & event planning.

Eventworks was founded in 1977 by the Studio for Interrelated Media Department (SIM) at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, a state university in Boston, Massachusetts.  e Eventworks Festival, originally a showcase of music, was established on terms of providing spaces for experimental artists, harboring safe experimental environments, and bridging gaps between MassArt and the local community.

The 2014-2015 eventworks team embraces these values today. Our goals are to invite, incite, and celebrate the collaboration of multimedia, interdisciplinary artists inside our community and others.  e bene ts of serving as a vessel to fellow creators and thinkers has been nothing shy of audacious. We are thankful for the generous opportunities, relationships, and knowledge the artists have provided us throughout these experiences.

Download the catalog here.


MaeBright Group, LLC Visual Identity

Graphic design.


Across 6 months, I led the design process for MaeBright, Group LLC's visual identity. The progression of the logo design process is displayed below, along with the continuity of the finalized design scheme in some of MaeBright's presentation slides, customized for both light and dark presentation settings.

Evolution of the logo


The Finalized Design Scheme


The Visual Identity in Action: Presentation Slides


Public Higher Education Statistics in Massachusetts

Graphic design.

Poster design for PHENOM's statistics reflecting Massachusetts' divestment in higher education.


Trans Healthcare at Tufts University

Graphic design.

Poster design for the LGBTQ Center's Trans Healthcare Resources at Tufts University.


Transient Vessels

Graphic design.

Poster design for Transient Vessels, a cross-disciplinary afternoon of performances.