Web-Based projects


BAGLY Out for Youth 2017

Graphic & web design.

Out for Youth is BAGLY, Inc.'s annual fundraiser to raise funds that support its array of LGBTQ youth programs across Massachusetts. To promote online ticket sales and provide event information in a more accessible format, I built a website for the event. In my role as Marketing & Development Coordinator for BAGLY, Inc. I designed all of the print & digital materials as well.

Bi Women Boston

Graphic design. 


Below are two sketched concepts for a redesign of Bi-Women Boston.


Against the Wall:

The Criminalization of Migrant Life in Arizona and Legal Strategies for Resistance 

 Click on this image to go to the  live timeline . 

Click on this image to go to the live timeline


created by a group of law students

In collaboration with eleven other 1st year law students at Northeastern University School of Law, we compiled a 200-page research study of Crimmigration policy in the United States - and specifically how the overlap between immigration and criminal law has affected migrants in Arizona.

A key component to developing this work product for our partner organization was to develop a timeline of Crimmigration Policy. For this project I designed and coded this web-based timeline of our research. 


S A Y F T E E :

Supporting Alternative Youth & Families Through Education & Empowerment

Motion & web design.

SAYFTEE is an organization that facilitates training and family counseling sessions to help transgender and gender non-conforming youth and their families. I created a landing page animation and developed a website for existing SAYFTEE content.

This website is live at http://www.sayftee.com

Stable Ground Boston

Graphic & web design.

Stable Ground Boston is a collaboration between the City of Boston's Office of Housing Stability and the NuLawLab at the Northeastern University School of Law. As the primary Graphic Designer for the NuLawLab, I designed a logo and visual identity for the Stable Ground Boston artist residency. Utilizing the visual identity, I then coded and implemented a website for the residency.

This website is live at http://www.stablegroundboston.org

Women with Military Service

Graphic & web design.

The Women Veterans' Outreach Tool project is a collaboration between Pine Tree Legal Services of Maine and the NuLawLab at the Northeastern University School of Law. Through an internship at the NuLawLab I designed new web interfaces and re-structured the existing Women Who Serve Website to be more user-friendly than its previous iteration.

A prototype of these wireframes is live at http://women.statesidelegal.org.